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Mortis' NONPK Consenual PvP system from RunUO 2.1

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NOT my work -- saved from RunUO many years ago.

This system was for RunUO 2.0 and will require careful merging to use with ServUO. This is especially true for the playermobile edits which will involve new a new case for the ser/deser process. This system uses a new enum in playermobile rather than an account tag and the sample scripts show how to check and change this value with your own scripts.

The edits to notoriety.cs are the most crucial. In fact, I ended up writing a large majority of the file on our shard to make sure the system worked as intended. My version is somewhat specific to our shard so it isn't part of this zip file.

Even if you don't use it as-is, it provides a good foundation for a custom consensual PVP system. For example, I don't use any of the provided methods to choose PvP or Non-PVP. On Whispering Pines, players can sit in a throne to choose PVP or another to choose PVM (the label I chose rather than non-PVP). I also added a display under the player's name to indicate their choice.
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