1. Falkor

    Mortis' NONPK Consenual PvP system from RunUO 2.1

    NOT my work -- saved from RunUO many years ago. This system was for RunUO 2.0 and will require careful merging to use with ServUO. This is especially true for the playermobile edits which will involve new a new case for the ser/deser process. This system uses a new enum in playermobile rather...
  2. Dexter_Lexia

    PVP Tournament System

    Dexter's PVP Tournament System, Version In this system, you can host arena duels, or create/participate in PVP tournaments! This system is 100% drag/drop compatible with the newest ServUO version. Most functions of this system can be easily discovered using the tournament stone gump...
  3. tass23

    CTF and DD Games 1.1

    This was originally Zippy's release years ago. I have dusted it off and cleared up a few issues. It's stable, but once added will require some tweaking (you have to set up the game stone, etc). I added regions in some of the files where values can be changed, just look for CTFValues. Many...