Survival Islands

Survival Islands

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Survival Islands
Team PVP Event

Welcome to Survival Islands, the most thrilling new game in town! Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure where players join forces to compete head-to-head, striving to deactivate the opposing team's Totem and emerge victorious!

The concept is refreshingly simple: players initiate/join a match using the [StartSurvival command. Once activated, and with a minimum of two players present, participants can signal their readiness with the [ReadyUp command, signaling the commencement of the match. Only when all players are prepared will the exhilarating contest begin. Upon initiation, players will find themselves whisked away to their respective team islands, providing an opportune moment for strategic planning or an adrenaline-fueled dash from their small boat (courtesy of the event) to the rival team's island! Once there, the objective is clear: deactivate the Totem to secure victory. It's as straightforward as that! However, there's a twist: traversing the islands is no walk in the park. Venture onto foreign soil, and you'll face the punishing perils that await!

Version -
This pre-release version introduces two island types: Default Island, akin to a mind-bending puzzle, and Grass Island, harboring a nostalgic yet treacherous foe from the past! But that's just the beginning. I have ambitious plans to unveil an additional five island types, each boasting its own unique challenges and dangers!

~ Additions ~
*TopPlayersBook - Added : Check out who is in the Top 25!
( Make sure to place in a public area for the most exposure! )

[ Islands Added ]
1. Forest Island -> Version
2. Desert Island -> Version
3. Snow Island -> Version
4. Swamp Island -> Version
5. Fire Island -> Version

[ Bonus Islands ]
6. Blood Island -> Version

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  1. Major Update

    Added - Fire Island Fixed some bugs *Official Release!