Movement System

Movement System

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Movement System

Introducing two exhilarating new movements for your players and builders alike: Swimming and Climbing!

Now, players can traverse streams, lakes, and oceans with finesse, while also scaling majestic mountains in pursuit of ancient treasures or the elusive entrance to a fabled cave hidden deep within the peaks!

Upon installation, players will encounter a novel tool: a dual-purpose icon featuring a water droplet and a hand. The water droplet facilitates seamless transitions between swimming and land traversal, while the hand symbolizes the thrilling ascent of cliffs and rock faces. Climbing necessitates the use of ropes, with both movements requiring stamina and proficiency checks in mining skills for added climbing bonuses. Beware, deep waters demand twice the stamina and pose the risk of hyperthermia, while climbing presents the peril of falls and consumes substantial amounts of rope. Fear not, for every aspect can be finely tuned through the Swim and Climb utilities, conveniently located at the top of the script!

[ToggleMove - Command for players to toggle system On/Off

Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to incorporate additional movements based on valuable feedback!

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