Moving Platform

Moving Platform

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Moving Platform

Simple but useful platform, can be adjusted to carry players
across a void or access levels too high, to get to normally!

The uses for this are as boundless as your imagination!

Customize [Props

HomeLocation = Where the platform Starts - Auto sets to where it is placed!
InitDirection = Initial Direction it travels to if not set to IsElevator!
IsActive = If this platform is active or not, can be used from other scripts to control conditions of use!
IsAutoReturn = If the platform auto returns to homelocation after dropping off passengers!
IsDebug = Staff can only use if IsDebug set, otherwise it false, Props Gump will show on double click!
IsElevator = If platform is set to go Up/Down instead of directional!
MaxDistance = The distance of where the platform stops and returns home!
MaxPassengers = Can limit the amount of players that can use it at a time, weight capacity lol!
MountsAllowed = Allow players to be mounted or not!
MoveSound = The sound used when platform moves!
MoveSpeed = Speed the platform moves, fastest is 100, which is 1/10 a second/move!
PlatformHue = Quick access : Same as changing Hue!
PlatformItemID = Quick access : Same as changing ItemID!

Added Support for Addon's : Attached via Props!
Use platform to move entire object together!
Addon is adjustable with Offsets X,Y & Z!
Platform Visible = false by default if Addon added!
New speech commands when addon present, "start" or "move"
Change PlatformItemID to a control of your liking if you change visible to true!
Staff can access Props when outside min 1 tile range!

[ Not current : Last Test - Video ]
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