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Mysterious 2017-03-18

mobile, Armor

  1. UoFanta
    vita nex
    This is just a custom monster that drops some armor....

    With a Difference lol

    Firstly the monster uses some of the Special FX from Vita Nex core (making it a requirment for the script to work)

    Secondly the armor the monster drops is completely random no 2 pieces will ever be the same (not 100% tested but very low chances)

    Armor is spit into 2 sections for mage and warrior then is split again for races
    each piece of armor that drops has completely random stats and hue.

    I do plan on expanding this to include every piece of armor currently avaliable aswel as shields and maybe weapons.

    The idea behind this is to make it more of a challenge for players to get the armor they require and opening up the doors for lots of trade for certain pieces.


    [add RandomElfWarriorArmor <- random elf warrior piece
    [add RandomElfMageArmor <- random elf mage piece
    [add RandomGargMageArmor <- random garg mage piece
    [add RandomGargWarriorArmor <- random garg warrior piece
    [add RandomHumanMageArmor <- random human mage piece
    [add RandomHumanWarriorArmor <- random human warrior piece
    [add Mysterious <-- the mobile

    Your welcome to tweak it all to suit your shard i personally dont think it is over powered

    Enjoy and please feel free to let me know what you think both good and bad