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Mysterious 2017-03-18

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UoFanta submitted a new resource:

Mysterious - mobile, Armor

This is just a custom monster that drops some armor....

With a Difference lol

Firstly the monster uses some of the Special FX from Vita Nex core (making it a requirment for the script to work)

Secondly the armor the monster drops is completely random no 2 pieces will ever be the same (not 100% tested but very low chances)

Armor is spit into 2 sections for mage and warrior then is split again for races
each piece of armor that drops has completely random stats and hue.

I do plan on...

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kinda hard to take pictures with the unlimited number of possibilities the armor could be lol.
and pictures of the mobile wont do it any justice as it uses the Vita nex abilities but here is a video of the abilties just a different mobile