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New Lamps Candle Tray JackoLanterns {flip-able} 1.a

Tall Lamps Dragon Lamps jackolanterns etc.

  1. Drafted
    Updated Client ( i use ) dont know if all the statics will show on previous client versions.
    may conflict with milva's released lamps if conflict with pre-existing name just remove what you got and use these. *some new names*
    whats new?
    Flippable When Possible
    Animated When Possible
    Gold Tray Candles.
    Jack-O-Lanterns (New) Flip between 11 different styles (1) item
    * excluding Raw/Rotting tall pumpkin

    Antique Tall Lamp
    Bird Lamp
    Dragon Brazier
    Dragon Lamp
    Dragon Lantern
    Jack Lantern
    Koi Lamp
    Large Ornate Table Lamp
    Modern Tall Lamp
    Ornate Table Lamp
    Tray Candle
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