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Rune Crafting / Rough Stones New and Improved 1.a

No permission to download
Drops Right into a fresh install of Servuo
Many Updates. Major Overhaul Over Simplified See .Txt Files for more detailed info
The Old Rune crafting system was a very unique idea in my opinion
con's : for editing success chance or strength of the system required a Whole lotta time going thru each one on 1-6 locations to change succes chance and fail chance / and again for strength on every layer.
Names where cryptic and hard to follow
playing with system was slow having to make a blank rune then a rune
if this is too strong or low break chance can make players extremely overpowered requiring stronger pvm to fight
Alot of duplicate code
Crafting menu was hard to follow
Removed BagOfRunes item
Redesigned craft menu and sorted by Type of rune/alphabetical *kinda*
Re-structured code alot of redundacy removed
Goto line 77 and find your succes/fail and Strength bonus on next line each rune 2 lines to change global for that rune.
deleat blank rune need to speed up crafting.
add'ed custom runes
Renamed All Runes to what they Do instead of Ahm/Corp/Nox etc. easy to Find Via [add Rune *except for RemoveSlayer is just RemoveSlayer.
deleated 2 original runes 1 i felt was unnessary the other i rewrote Durability bonus to work like powder of fortifiying ( repair item by 10 and max dura 10 )
Merged Slayer deeds into craftable slayer runes. !!! Requires Some Unique ingredients like 25 champion skulls or Sand / Oil Cloth ETc...
Fixed many typos in defrunecrafting and False labeled Reagent ingredients requirements. / Many Messages Fixed aswell.
if your a fan of rune crafting/enchanting you will be a lover of this.
Hued Rune groups seperately as to quickly identifiy wich class of rune it belongs to by color.
Please see SpellChannelingRune.CS For example around line 77 how to edit Fail chance to suit your server needs.
Credits goto the original authors i just reworked it Original Authors:

Enchanting System : Orbez @
the 7 Super Slayer Deeds merged into craftable runes where from
Slayer Deeds : Sham Bam Pow @
If you like the Rework Give me a thx , Foo Man Choo / Drafted
First release
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