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New Tree Art X-Large to UO-size 1.0

new tree art.

  1. manofwar
    You will have to add these yourself to your own .mul files then get those .mul's to your players.
    These trees are from UO pixel which i made into one file and a few new one's I made myself. I edited all of them so no they will not be exact as UO-Pixels if I remember correct. Also UO- Pixel had his as 4 -40 pixel slices and mine are as follows. L = 264x497 M = 198x359 S =132x240. So with the large ones i would play around with your muls and see if you like them first before just adding them to a shard, they are very large trees in game and when walking behind and they do the see through it does get a little weird but that is my opinion. I have a personal map with these on it and I say they make the forest almost seem life like. I just use the 50 and 75 versions and they seem to work the best in game. 50Lleaves.jpg 50LPine.jpg 75Lleaves.jpg Lleaves.jpg