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Orcs redone... 2019-04-19

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I don't know about all of you, but the orcs currently in UO are a bit boring, I decided to change them up a bit without replacing the original orc files.... these orcs are base off of the brigand and are both male and female orcs..
there is an Orc grunt, lowest on the totem pole.... Orc Raider, Orc Captain, an Orc Mage, Shaman, Rider, which rides a tiger, and an Orc Lord, as well as an Orc Lord that Rides a Worg, and of course the Worg itself...
I added a modified Names XML file you can either edit yours or just drop in mine and delete yours if yours is not modified....
I also added, in case you didn't want to use the tiger or worg another creature , Equine.cs its a horse the comes in different hues than the others in game basically a modified warhorse script..
Also I got the Idea from some orcs made by Deepin just to give credit
The tiger was made by delboy aka Fury so credit him also.

Hope you enjoy.
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