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OSI Style Labyrinth Champion Spawn 1.2

This is similar to OSI's Labyrinth champion spawn which does not have an actual altar.

  1. Denjiki
    ServUO Pub54
    *****UPDATE**** Download the UPDATED file if your file is spawning only tormented minotaurs, it spawns Meraktus the champion instead of just the tormented minotaurs.

    OSI Style Labyrinth Champion Spawn

    Basically this script is to make the Labyrinth dungeon in Malas close to how it is on OSI servers. If you're not familiar, on OSI the Labyrinth dungeon has an altar-less champion spawn. Instead of having an altar, you just kill a certain number of minotaurs until the champion comes out. Also adds a fight mechanic to the champion's bodyguards, the "tormented minotaur", to make it more OSI-like. They will do an earthquake slam attack once in awhile.

    Script is just drag & drop. Put the minotaur files in \scripts\mobiles\monsters\ml\humanoid\melee\ and overwrite. Put labyrinth.cs into your customs folder. Put the Meraktus.cs into \scripts\mobiles\monsters\ml\special\

    In Labyrinth.cs, you can change private const int m_KillsToAppear = 50; to whatever you want. The 50 represents the number of kills required to spawn the champion.

    Special thanks to Gizmo for making the script which this is based off of.

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