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Dreamseeker's Imbuing 1.0

Complete imbuing system merged from Dreamseeker's script to work with clean install of ServUO.

  1. Denjiki
    ServUO Pub 54 fresh install
    This is a complete imbuing system taken from Dreamseeker's Imbuing on the RunUO forums. I basically merged the files from his scripts to work with ServUO. It should be an easy drag & drop replace, but i'll include specific instructions below in addition to a readme in the zip file.



    1.Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder of your choosing.

    2. Copy and paste BaseArmor.cs, BaseClothing.cs, BaseJewel.cs, and BaseWeapon.cs to your ServUO scripts/Items/- BaseClasses/ folder. Overwrite the old files.

    Copy and paste AOS.cs to your ServUO scripts/Misc/ folder. Overwrite the old file.

    Copy and paste ItemIdentification.cs to your ServUO scripts/Skills/ folder. Overwrite the old file.

    Copy and paste PlayerMobile.cs to your ServUO scripts/Mobiles/ folder. Overwrite the old file.

    Copy and paste PowderOfTemperament.cs to your ServUO scripts/Items/Special/Bulk Order Rewards/Blacksmithy/ folder. Overwrite the old file.

    3. Copy and paste Imbuing.cs, ImbuingB.cs, ImbuingC.cs, and the 3 SoulForge.cs files into your Scripts/Custom Systems/ folder. I created a folder in Custom Systems called Imbuing and just put the files in there, but you can put them wherever you want inside the custom systems folder.



    There are some optional files you can include which will allow some creatures to drop imbuing mats, as well as allow for mining/fishing/lumberjacking materials. These are not necessary but are nice to include.

    1. Inside the Optional folder in the zip file, copy and paste Fishing.cs, Mining.cs, and Lumberjacking.cs into your ServUO Scripts/Services/Harvest folder. Overwrite the old files.

    2. Copy and paste BaseCreature.cs in ServUO Scripts/Mobiles/ folder and overwrite the old file.


    Credit goes to:
    Myself (Denjiki)
    Kalamus and jase griffin for much needed help with the merge
    Dreamseeker for making this awesome script.
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Recent Reviews

  1. jase giffin
    jase giffin
    Version: 1.0
    Great Work!!!
  2. FahQ
    Version: 1.0
    works well if you follow directions. get a couple "warnings" on compile.win.bat but servuo.exe compiles the scripts fine np