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Dreamseeker's Imbuing - Complete imbuing system merged from Dreamseeker's script to work with clean install of ServUO.

This is a complete imbuing system taken from Dreamseeker's Imbuing on the RunUO forums. I basically merged the files from his scripts to work with ServUO. It should be an easy drag & drop replace, but i'll include specific instructions below in addition to a readme in the zip file.



1.Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder of your choosing.

2. Copy and paste BaseArmor.cs, BaseClothing.cs, BaseJewel.cs, and BaseWeapon.cs to your ServUO...

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So I'm new. I was just wondering if I need to place the Queen's Soulforge and the City's soulforge. Also wondering what I need to do to add soulforges to the carpentry crafting gump or if this did it.
You will have to add the soulforge in Royal City which can be done by using the command [add TMSoulforge It will give the appropriate bonuses like on OSI as compared to a normal soulforge (5% i believe). As for the Queen's Soulforge, I do not believe it is included in the script but I will check later when I have a bit more time. And no, it doesn't add soulforges to the carpentry crafting gump, but I was poking around on the RunUO forums and another player asked the same thing there. If you goto this page about 3/4 of the way down, Poseidon-Demonic-Danger explains a little bit how you would start to do it. I would also search google, these forums, and/or the RunUO forums on how to add items to the crafting gumps if you wanted to do it yourself. It shouldn't be that difficult. If you don't feel up to the task, then you will probably just have to implement another way for players to get soulforges on your server. A simple way would be to just add a stone or vendor that sells the SoulForgeDeed or GargoyleMiniSoulForgeDeed.
could you explain please how i could go about stacking the imbues? :) like if i wanted all hit affects to be on there instead of replacing them :)
i added in Defcarpentry the soulforgedeed as they got it on uo guide

so for those who want to add it go approx line 680

 index = this.AddCraft(typeof(AbbatoirDeed), 1044290, 1044329, 100.0, 125.0, typeof(Log), 1044041, 100, 1044351);
            this.AddSkill(index, SkillName.Magery, 50.0, 55.0);
            this.AddRes(index, typeof(IronIngot), 1044036, 40, 1044037);
            // Add for imbuing
            index = this.AddCraft(typeof(SoulForgeDeed), 1044290, 1031696, 100.0, 150.0, typeof(Log), 1044041, 150, 1044351);
            this.AddRes(index, typeof(IronIngot), 1044036, 150, 1044037);
            this.AddRes(index, typeof(RelicFragment),"Relic Fragment", 1 );
I used the runuo imbuing and am excited to see it is also available to the servuo community. I want to say thanks to Denjiki for the work put in to get it working for the server and to Danstuff for posting that nice little code to add it to the carpentry gump. I just finished testing it and I did get warnings but nothing fatal and the carpentry gump worked just fine.
This works great! thanks.
One question tho... How can I remove the "brittle" property all together?

Figured this out.
If anyone else is wondering..
Go into the ImbuingC.cs file and seach for
  BaseWeapon it = i_Item as BaseWeapon;
  it.TimesImbued += 1;
  it.Attributes.Brittle = 1; //change to 0

BaseArmor it = i_Item as BaseArmor;
it.TimesImbued += 1;
it.Attributes.Brittle = 1; //change to 0

BaseHat it = i_Item as BaseHat;
it.TimesImbued += 1;
it.Attributes.Brittle = 1; //change to 0

BaseJewel it = i_Item as BaseJewel;
it.TimesImbued += 1;
it.Attributes.Brittle = 1; //change to 0
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