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Pause Command Ver 3

Allows players to "pause"

  1. zerodowned
    Use the command [pause to start/stop

    This is a command that allows players to "pause" their character to quickly go AFK.
    Pausing sets the player to be hidden, paralyzed, frozen, and blessed (cannot be harmed).
    It will also stable any pets and dispel any summons.

    Pausing brings up a gump to act as a Pause screen in the game. It's overly big but (hopefully) not too ugly. It's simply meant to prevent players from taking advantage of the feature and jump back in the game when it's to their advantage.

    Added CanPause function for Staff. This allows you to prevent a player from pausing.

    To use:
    Drop in your files and restart.

    In game you can use the command [xmlgetatt and target a player, then select the Pause attachment.
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Recent Updates

  1. Lots of changes
  2. Added Champ check
  3. removed cantwalk

Recent Reviews

  1. gametec
    Version: Ver 2
    Great addition! This is better than the AFK script :)
    1. zerodowned
      Author's Response
      Thank you and glad you like it :)