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Player commands [hue and [gethue 1.0

hue and get hue

  1. Milva
    These commands have been around for quite some time- I didn't script these they were from Runuo
    Converted by Cottonballs of the RunUO community.
    //The original author is unkown to myself; thanks to him/her for the original script.

    With the [hue command a player can hue items in their pack- you can also hue a controlled pet.
    Note: there is no charge to a player for using this- you could add cost or remove the option to hue pets.

    You would need to set up a hue room with items/robe or shirts or what ever you would like to use and hue them.
    Any player can use the [gethue command to find out the hue number(which will show on their screen.
    Then they can use the [hue 1132 and click on the item in their pack(or what ever the hue number is)