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Player Owned House Moongate 2024-04-26

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I decided to add a little extra spice to my rewards shop because it was looking a little dull. So I made a Player Owned Public Moongate that is moveable and players can use wherever. I have this item listed at 50m in my shop as an incentive to pursue the grind.

*Note* to whoever got the 1st download in before I could edit, the moongate was not set to blessed lol. Here's how to make it blessed and to anyone else, the minor issue has been resolved.
        public POHMoongate() : base( 0x4B8F )
            Name = "POH Moongate";
            Movable = true;
            LootType = LootType.Blessed;
            ItemID = 19343;
            Hue = 2061;
            Light = LightType.Circle300;