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Pre-built UO Houses Addons - 13 Original and 7 Renaissance Houses as Addons 1.0

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Designed and tested using ServUO Pub57, but should work with later version as well
These Addon scripts will allow the Original 13 player houses, and the 7 Renaissance player houses to be added into a game world using the [add command and then target the location you want the home to be created. If you want to freeze these houses into the worlds Statics.mul/Staidx.mul files as a permanent part of the world that can be done using a script called 'Addon Converter 1.0' which can be searched for here in the forums.

So basically in-game as Admin/GM,

[add HouseNameAddon and target the location you want it built.
[a2s and target any part of an Addon you want to convert back into in-game static items.
[freeze and target the top left, and bottom right of the area containing static items you want removed from in-game and frozen into the Statics.mul/Staidx.mul files.

Great way to build a quick town/city area, or give you a good starting point that you can modify or enhance in CentrED.

Lastly, I will be working on some new Custom House Addons as well and release those scripts when completed. Giving people even more custom homes that can be added and frozen into their worlds.

Enjoy! :)
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