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Pumpkin Player Spawning 0.1

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I remember back when I was a bit younger and played OSI With my dad Pumpkins would spawn with random players names that had been created over the years on OSI or something similar to that and I wanted to recreate that for servers around so that players can seek out their own pumpkin or even the pumpkin of another player to sell it to them or whatever.

One down side to this script is it depends on a file called PlayerNames.log which is something you will have to install in the charactercreation.cs (Below shows you how)

The reason this is a downside is because any players you have actively now will not be in this script as it activates on "Character Creation" and logs the newChar.Name that is used in the CharacterCreation online once if I can remember correctly.

On the plus side I am sure there is some other ways to jimmy rig this and edit it to your liking so that it has your players names spawning in game. If you have a small enough player base you could even go to the PlayerNames.log and edit the file yourself with the few players names. (Note that adding and removing names from the PlayerNames.log can be done while the server is up and immediately take effect)

Moving on to the editing of the CharacterCreation.cs it is very simple first find:
            Console.WriteLine("Login: {0}: New character being created (account={1})", state, args.Account.Username);
            Console.WriteLine(" - Character: {0} (serial={1})", newChar.Name, newChar.Serial);

and below it paste the following:
//Pumpkin System for name logging
            using (StreamWriter op = new StreamWriter("PlayersNames.log", true))
                op.WriteLine("{0}", newChar.Name);
//End Pumpkin System

This is a very raw version of this but I wanted to get it out so everybody could bring forth bugs and memories of what it was really like if I may have forgotten as I was pretty young last time I actively played OSI.

Love to hear feedback, I will more than likely update this resource as more stuff comes in.

If you have a small playerbase and want to make these pumpkins with players names rare I recommend using XMLSpawner and making it so normal pumpkins spawn alongside these ones that way players have to pick the pumpkins and such to get the good ones. Also editing the timer on the respawn could be a good idea :)

Hope this gets on yours server before Halloween is over! Enjoy.
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