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ReliveUO's Gateroom System 2018-01-02

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Vita-Nex: Core
ReliveUO's Gateroom System
*This is the same as cyrddin's gateroom system that i posted months ago, although i wanted to remove the cost due to I dont need the extra money and wanted it to be more public, so have to repost.*

*This does need Vita-Nex: Core*

A 0-Maintenance solution that allows you to have a Player House Gateroom without the hassle of paging staff at all.

This takes all the hard work out. Simply add the Gateroom tile's and you're done.

After the Gate Room Tiles are placed the players will have the option to double click the tile, once the tile is double clicked the player simply just go to their house and accept. A gate will appear at their house. If the player's house is destroyed, account removed, player removes gate, or staff removes gate for some reason the tile in gate room returns to the beginning state for the next player to use it.
This script only allows the player to have 1 house gate.

The best part is the players can also MOVE the house gate around by right clicking their house gate, this does also have limits on where the player is allowed to place the gate to the respected amount of *yard* allowed in the game so it cant block someone else from placing a house where allowed.

Also instantly when the gate is purchased by the player the gate will automatically be a random basic color and will be named the players name. The players do have the option to change the name of the gate as well when they right click the gate. Players also can change the hue of their gate if they get the "Gate Hue Ticket" that is included in this script.

When there is no gate attached to the tile it is a blank color and says "Vacant tile"

Constructable Items:

(Staff) To place a HouseGateTile and add the Gate Hue Ticket.
[add HouseGateTile
[add GateHueTicket

Although it is actually pretty basic to work with, there is no support a this time, other scripter's in community i am sure can support if needed.

NOTE: This is set up for use without the new gold system, it can be edited to take gold from it but as is it takes gold from your bank.

NOTE 2: You may need to make the minor changes to basehouse for this to work properly. You can see the changes easily on the photos attached.
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