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Reward Ticket Vendor Stone and Ledger 1.0

Reward Ticket, Vendor Stone

  1. Milva
    I had Updated this script some time ago and released on Runuo
    This comes in handy if your not using Tokens and would rather not use Gold.
    This reward ticket can be given as prize or put on mobs as a drop.

    I did not script it, just changed the RewardTicket Vendor Stone so it would not conflict
    with Daat99's vendor stone.

    This contains:
    Reward Ticket
    Vendor Stone-For Reward Ticket- *just set the stone for RewardTicket* (for currency)
    (on the stone where you add the price of item- just add the number of tickets needed for
    the item- 1 or 2 etc.)
    Reward Ticket Ledger- which will hold only the reward tickets.
    (when you purchase an item from the vendor stone- the reward ticket will be removed
    from the ledger)

    Credits To
    Headers On 2 of the scripts if you check them contain:
    ///daat99's Token System
    ///Made by daat99 based on idea by Viago :)
    ///Thanx for Murzin for all the grammer corrections :)
    Reward Ticket
    created by--This script was made by milt, AKA Pokey.
    Release Date: December 25, 2005

    First SS shows how to set the currency for RewardTicket
    Following SS shows for the Price- 2 added which will be the number of tickets needed for the reward.