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Rideable Tigers with Tiger Fur Loot 1.0

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Add tigers to your server, they spawn in two normal colours with a very small chance of spawning a white tiger.

They have a small chance to drop Tiger Fur which when clicked by a legendary tailor produces either a fur cape, fur boots or a gargish sash (easy to comment out if you don't have gargoyles). The cape, boots and sash have a random skill modifier with a value between 1-10 and a luck value of 134, which comes from the lucky numbers associated with tigers 1, 3 and 4, again its easy to comment out the loot drop in tiger.cs if you don't want the fur dropping.

Just drop in to your custom folder.

To be able to use animal lore on the tigers add the following to the end of bodyTable.cfg
1254	Animal	#Tiger
1255	Animal	#Tiger

Thanks to Ce Jayce, swiftorb and dmurphy for their help with this.
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