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Scroll binding 2014-02-24

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This system allows players to combine lower level Power Scrolls, Stat Scrolls and Scroll of Transcendence into scrolls of higher value. With this system, new craftables have been added for Cookingand more specifically for Inscription. These new craftables also give new purpose to a mostly discarded resources from Lumberjacking: the Bark Fragment.

Creating and Using Scroll Binders
In order to create the Scroll Binder, players must transform bark fragment into Wood Pulp. The pulp is crafted by Cooks (60+ skill) using bark fragment and water. Scribes can then transform the pulp into a scroll binder.

The Binders are cursed.

Depending on the type of scrolls bound, the number required to upgrade it to a higher level scroll will vary. In the case of sots, there isn't a predetermined number of scroll, but rather a specific cap to be reached, ie a total value of 10 pts.

  • 105 scrolls needed to create a 110 powerscroll = 8
  • 110 scrolls needed to create a 115 powerscroll = 12
  • 115 scrolls needed to create a 120 powerscroll = 10
  • +5 stats scrolls needed to create a +10 stats scroll = 6
  • +10 stats scrolls needed to create a +15 stats scroll = 8
  • +15 stats scrolls needed to create a +20 stats scroll = 8
  • +20 stats scrolls needed to create a +25 stats scroll = 5
When double clicked, an empty binder will ask the player to target the scroll he wishes to bind. Once the scroll has been targeted, that scroll is destroyed and the Binder is now set to this type of scroll. An item property is added to the binder displaying the type of scroll and the number of scrolls bound. In the case of an Scroll of Transcendence, it will display the total number of points bound out of 10.

Once a scroll has been bound to it, any other scroll targeted much match the type of the original one. For instance, you cannot combine a 105 taming with a 110 taming.

When the player combines the number of scrolls required, the binder is transformed into a higher version of the scrolls it was combining. For example, once the player combines the 10th 115 Magery to his binder, the binder will become a 120 Magery powerscroll. While binding sots, players who attempt to combine a scroll that would exceed the cap of 10 pts will receive a warning gump informing them that the excess points will be lost if they combine this scroll. If they accept, the binding will be completed and the binder transformed into a 10.0 points Scroll of Transcendence.

Distro Mods



Around line 441 Find

index = this.AddCraft(typeof(GargoyleBook200), 1044294, 1113291, 72.0, 100.0, typeof(BlankScroll), 1044377, 40, 1044378);
                this.AddRes(index, typeof(Beeswax), 1025154, 4, "You do not have enough beeswax.");

Below Add

index = AddCraft(typeof(ScrollBinderDeed), 1044294, ("Scroll Binder"), 75.0, 100.0, typeof(WoodPulp), ("Wood Pulp"), 1, ("You do not have enough Wood Pulp"));

I would suggest you drop scrollbinderdeed.cs into

\Scripts\Items\Skill Items\Magical

but anywhere into your scripts folder will work aslo.

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