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ServUO Repack 1.1

ServUO Repack with very helpful scripts that I've seen a lot of question on how to get working.

  1. Dpayne2841

    Here I have a ServUO Repack that I was making for someone that asked for it for help with implementing some scripts. However I felt I should make it more obvious to find for everyone in the community so they can benefit from it. This repack has the following scripts/programs added to it...

    :: Scripts ::
    Ultima Live 97 w/Deep Mining System
    (You will need to go to your directory for UO and rename Igrping.dll to Igrping_.dll and then move the Igrping_0_97.dll from the Ultima Live folder into your UO directory and rename it Igrping.dll.)
    Vita-Nex Core

    :: Programs :: (All Shortcuts are in the main folder, these are all masters.)
    Pandoras Box
    UOArchitect (w/a lot of buildings included)

    I take no credit for the creation of any of these scripts or programs, all I did was make sure they worked in the repack then put them online for everyone to use. If you have any questions let me know and I will see what I can do to help you out. If you want to implement knew scripts just keep in mind you should do most edits yourself to make sure it doesn't A cause problems for other scripts and B so it's a clean working install for your server.

    Hope everyone enjoys this repack and helps them out. :)

    P.S. another note to make this server datapath is set up to run for customizing the map, so you will need to add a Custom Maps folder in the main section. Then put your UO files into it and just go to datapath and redirect it to the folder you placed them in. This will allow you to freeze/unfreeze statics in-game so you can change the world.

    Change Log 1.1
    -Added the ability to create an owner account. (Will be prompted on first load of the server.
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