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Skill Increase Book 1.031

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A book which grants the user a permanent increase in a skill of their choice. The bonus applied is between 0.1% and 0.5%. This would make a good reward item or rare drop. Could also be a nice addition to inscription. Anyway hope everyone enjoys this and feel free to edit as needed.

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Latest Updates

  1. v1.031 Changelog

    Fixed bug in GetSkills function which would cause the book to drop skills when the book was...
  2. v1.03 Changelog

    Removed the ability to open the book if you don't have any skills you can increase (before would...
  3. Implemented check for skill caps

    Skill book now hides any skills which are maxed out (so players can't increase skills past the...
  4. Fixed small bug

    Forgot to remove a parameter from a single function which was causing script to crash. Tested...