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Skill Increase Book 1.031

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  • Fixed bug in GetSkills function which would cause the book to drop skills when the book was opened multiple times or when pages were turned (Special thanks to Dallas for helping me find that one)
  • Removed the ability to open the book if you don't have any skills you can increase (before would just display an empty book which was confusing)
  • Added a capBonus variable to the script which can be used to allow the user to increase skills past the cap (more specifically, allows the user to change this in a single place vs. having to hunt down every instance of cap in the entire script).
  • Skill book now hides any skills which are maxed out (so players can't increase skills past the server cap)
  • If the bonus applied would push a player's skill over the cap, that skill is simply increased to the cap instead

Special thanks to the member who emailed me and brought this to my attention and I hope everyone who downloaded it continues to enjoy it.
Forgot to remove a parameter from a single function which was causing script to crash. Tested working now