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Dear friends and fellow developers. RadstaR is a person who developed many programs for Ultima Online and helped many beginning GMs on various grounds (not only in our country in the Czech Republic) to develop them and to develop our Czech servers. But not only that, his programs are still used all over the world. RadstaR no longer operates, develops or develops Ultima Online and will not be involved in this project. But, he gave me permission to access his entire old website. And for me, developers will certainly appreciate what exists on this site. That is why I pay great tribute to RadstaR. He is a man who has achieved great success in the field of Free Shards. Thanks to his work, many Czech and world servers work. I placed his old website on my site as an alias 3.domain. If time allows, I will try to incorporate it into my web system. But I don't promise. In any case, there is a lot of information and programs, often no longer available, that we will all appreciate. I wish you a good job and well-being. And for players who grind here, it's a good idea to try different experiments.


PS: I like RadstaRa, it's been a very long time since we've worked together and communicated. Thanks to his advice, I was able to create a lot of good things. That is why RadstaR deserves a great award.
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