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Misc Spawning, Decorating, Filling Your ServUO World

I have looked and Did not find anything, so I hope to create here a compendium of how to get a base install of ServUO spawned, decorated and ready to play. I know for the experienced players this can be an easy task, but for people new to this, or returning after some time it can be difficult to remember how to do it properly.

Please any one that can help me to fill this out and complete it!

Step one:

Type [createworld and click ok.
This will put doors and teleporters in the world for you.

Step Two: XmlSpawner

type [xmlload Spawns
this should spawn the world for you (I am currently having issues with this such as all the spawns not properly spawning unless you spawn per folder so Instead of just [xmlload Spawns add Spawns/region (I.E. [xmlload Spawns/Termur)

More to come as soon as I figure it out, at which point I will really clean up this initial post to only contain pertinent info.
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