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Specialized Innkeeper 2019-12-31

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Compared to some of the scripts I've uploaded in the past, this one is small and nothing all that unique compared to what you can find out there and I was too lazy to bother researching if anyone else has done this before since I was busy searching for other concepts and ideas.

Basically this version of the innkeeper is reverse engineered from those blacksmith vendors that can repair equipment, though instead of equipment this one can heal playermobiles up to max health and the price it charges is based off of total max stats along with those lost from whatever they were doing. For example a player whose semi functional will only have to pay less money in order to get patched up while one in critical condition will have to pony up the dough and it takes into consideration hits, stam and mana.

Just spawn it and type out "rest" and they'll patch you up along with telling you the total cost before you actually need to commit.
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