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The Exodus Encounter Quest V2

Exodus Encounter

  1. Redmoon
    You may need to change the hues in these files, as I have custom hues.

    You will need to change the locations of these if you're not using my map:
    BossLocation = new Point3D(2072, 626, -40);//Change Here if using newer maps
    TeleportDest = new Point3D(1979, 624, 0);//Change Here if using newer maps
    ExitDest = new Point3D(2142, 628, -80); //Change Here if using newer maps

    Xmlspawner is needed for the Exodus Chest to be hidden until detect hidden skill is used.
    The map files are too large to be a resource. You can get this via this link: http://rapidshare.com/share/A2C1389C3AE51B0A0C5B8D758DB64C40

    It is a copy over for the Ilshenar map.
    (map2.mul, statics2.mul, and staidx2.mul)

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