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The IcyHoarder Pack Monster Final Version 12/7/2015

Monster That Loots and more!

  1. Xanthor
    The Icy Hoarder was built using Charon's original code, then improved on it making a tamable looting monster plus more. I tested it immensely making sure no errors using both GM and normal players. Its a challenge to beat down to tame. If you kill it, there is 4 maps, level 5 and 6 2 for Trammel, 2 for Felucca. The AI and skills I put in, make it one heck of a challenge to kill let alone tame. You feed it meat to keep it tamed like other monsters. So far, no errors. Only thing I have yet to figure out is what when killed its not spawning gold. Enjoy! Put into Customs and reboot server. If your new to ServeUO, just make a directory inside your scripts folder and name it Customs. Put the IcyHoarder.cs file in the Customs, reboot and your set! TheIcyHoarder.jpg

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