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The IcyHoarder Pack Monster Final Version 12/7/2015

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This is the final update for this script, unless I get feedback on any changes needed. This Looting Monster which is tamable and follows you around picking items up and battles, not to mention the AI, is a big challenge but the rewards whether you tame it or kill it is awesome! The difficulty is close to chief!
Huge thanks goes to Greed who helped greatly iron out the kinks with what I wanted it to do but wouldn't. It spawns chests if paragon, gold and rares.
My next task is making a breed-able one for Xanthos EVO system.
The IcyHoarder now spawns gold, working on adding more to the loot. I also made some tweaks to Meditation and hits. Because of what it's carrying, I made it much harder to kill and tame. Unlike the beetle that dies instantly if something spawn near it, this auto loot monster has an even if not more chance of surviving which is why I made it hard to kill and tame. Big thanks to Greed for helping me with the gold spawn issue!