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The Realms Of Faye Reborn (a work in progress) 2016-04-18

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it's been awhile since I've posted info for the faye realms system here is the latest version in image form

yes i am still working on this though life has thrown me a few curveballs my computer has been a pain and I just did the short math there will be large spaces in between each of the dungeons so as you don't have a view or range overlap between however add an average of 1 static per tile of the footprint size considering while yes there are vacant areas there are also areas that a 20 by 20 square has a 5-story building if I average it out for simple it keys into the tune of 185000 statics Rooms in the dungeons 9 by 9 tile there are 25 normal rooms per dungeon and 3 hidden there are nine dungeons the main island is 128 by 92 granite it's in the shape of an island so there's some of that static count that can be shaved off but again it's not as simple as one static per tile if I want to make it look right the two smaller islands are roughly 45 by 45 and have a 32 by 32 miniature City inside a moat there are two Castle overlays one for winter one for summer there are two 18 x 18 overlays in the form of towers 16 pieces of armor as things currently stand spread across the various slots the summer side of the armor is jewelry and clothing variety the winter side of the armor is your standard main slot worth of armor there are two weapon sets the one for winter is a bow that is completely customized and mate to the set quiver the summer side is the one-handed variety of the paladin sword with a mantled cloak am still ironing out some of the details in regards to the custom mobs I do not have an ETA at this time when I have more of it piece together the way I want it I will upload pictures I knew when I started this and was told that it couldn't be done and I was insane for trying that it was going to be a very long and arduous process but I am a glutton for punishment and a die-hard Zelda fan

all 9 dungeons and the template for the rooms per each as well as the revised version of the overworld
and once the template is done being used to build addons for each room they are being used for two castle size cities one for summer realm other of course for winter