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The Realms Of Faye Reborn (a work in progress) 2016-04-18

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i have been working on getting this how i want it for months and the goal is like the well known and beloved(or hated depending on person) underworld arch (the one with hade's ) to have the entire arch as addon with built in telporters and all so it is able to be placed where ever staff wishes and not require download of new maps every time we get an update. Please reply as to comments and if anyone is good at building dungeons and wishes to help i will post requirements in detail later
faye realms with levels jpg.jpg

each level is 25 rooms 9x9 internal the 3 rooms in whiter per level are hidden entry not viewable secret rooms the armor will have customization like the vampire suit (2x click to change the item to a different view)

more updates will follow as i get them in if anyone wants to chime in and help email me what you can help with, IE scripts or deco and i will send a template of what i am looking for with details on how to assemble all of it into a full quest arch please keep in mind once this is done those who help get credit for doing so and if they are shard owners they get to live test the quest for 7 days minimum with it not posted live for all until after it is tested via staff members and myself (as i am the quest creator and once its done even a staff member has the same base as a player as i am hard coding it into the quest settings to be based on health not of the player but the type of tunic they have all items from outside the quest will be bank boxed and all skills will be non usable in the quest as it has its own set built in) this is a tribute to BS-Zelda (the 16bit japan famicom broadcast satellite version) with a Ultima twist and all new dungeon area builds (i didnt want the dungeon areas to spell out ST. GIGA with a skull and arrow as the last two as in the original game)

level 1 sample.jpg
above is a sample of level 1 bellow is is a sample of the overworld. I will need some help with scripts as I am going to try and make it a once per account playable quest but able to view the area as a guide after completed and use the points system from paintball to make it line of sight hit if in range when full points 1 tile if not unless with other items and set it to be base tunic =3 life slots (2 hits per by starting monsters) and as you get pieces it ups the total times you can be hit then 2x tunic (blue ring in Zelda uo style) 4x tunic (red ring) its worth attempting but im a bit at a loss for some of the scripts and I want to make it so even a newb can complete it in the same or less time than a seasoned uber player as when you get there all but the tunic are bank boxed jail script style so its a base on player not skills of char as it will not be skill or items from outside arch based quest I have been working on this for months and am still keying in the over world but I have the map how I want it now so I can finish it
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