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Thief Guild Expansion 0.1

Extending stealing.

  1. Frosttiger
    Core Edits and Script Edits.
    I know these might not be a huge system but I figured it adds spice to stealing items from players on t2a or newer shards.

    What these does is mark the item Stolen you cannot sell stolen items to vendors. also I used Gametac Sercuity K9 in these thanks to his smart wisdom making a K9.

    Only change I made to his K9 is name and it will look for the Stolen Item tag also will not delete the stolen item.

    So these just Version 0.1 I will be expanding on these to make it better.

    Item.cs will need edited.
    first find these line
    public virtual void AddLootTypeProperty(ObjectPropertyList list)

    then add these code into the code

    Code (C#):
    1.             else if (StolenBy == true)
    2.             {
    3.                 list.Add("Stolen");
    4.             }
    then go down and find public bool Movable
    add these code

    Code (C#):
    1.         public bool m_StolenBy;
    2.         [CommandProperty(AccessLevel.Decorator)]
    3.         public bool StolenBy
    4.         {
    5.             get { return m_StolenBy; }
    6.             set { m_StolenBy = value; InvalidateProperties(); }
    7.         }
    Now close and save your core and recompile.

    Open Basevendor.cs

    find these code
    public virtual void VendorSell(Mobile from)

    then in that code you will see these line of code

    foreach (Item item in items)
    if (item is Container && (item).Items.Count != 0)

    under that add these

    Code (C#):
    1.                         if (item.StolenBy == true)
    2.                         {
    3.                             continue;
    4.                         }
    thanks to ravenewolf for the help there.

    now In the zip you will have stealing.cs and some custom scripts just drop them into your custom folder. and replace the stealing.cs with mine.