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Turdy Trouble 2020-01-12

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Greetings friends. This may possible be one of the worst scripts I've ever come up with.

Meet the turdy and his more annoying cousin. They're extremely fast ravens inflicted with schizophrenia that zig zag all over the map that will immediately attack anything that makes sudden movements. They annoy targets by not shutting the hell up, constantly bombarding them with phrases and sound effects and there are two varieties.

Standard issue turdy. Nothing too special and when it dies it rains down cheese wheels as rewards.

"Turdy Fuck"
Same as the standard turdy, only with some unique attributes. It has 4 attacks. It'll either strip you of all your equipment, pelt you with random junk, fire explosive rounds from its crossbow and it has a touch ability that'll inflict a 5 minute curse that causes any target to blurt out random catchphrases and sound effects every 5 seconds and the only cure is to either wait it out or commit suicide.

This was tested using RunUO 2.2 and despite doing research to see if all of the coding will comply with ServUO and making a few changes here and there I'm technically not sure if everything will actually transfer over.

Btw, you can probably guess where I got the idea for the names along with making them ravens and if you do, you win a free chicken.

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