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Ultima Odyssey Extensions Pack 1.8

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The current version (1.8) was tested for compatibility against the August 7, 2020 release of Odyssey, it is fully compatible.
I fixed an issue that caused wands to be overvalued because they added a very high bonus to skills (+40, +90, etc.).
The current version of extensions is compatible with the July 19, 2020 release of Odyssey.
Version 1.7 is compatible with the latest July 10 release of Odyssey, no update is necessary.
- Extensions pack updated, tested for compatibility with the July 8 release.
The current version of Ultima Odyssey Extensions (v1.6) is confirmed to be compatible with the latest release of Odyssey from June 26, 2020.
- Updated for compatibility with the 24th June release of Ultima Odyssey.
- Updated Virtual Player Vendor system to match the v1.1 release for RunUO/ServUO in features.

- v1.5 was an unreleased build compatible with the removed June 14 version of Odyssey. Thus, the bump straight to v1.6.
- Updated the extensions pack to be compatible with the June 13 release of Ultima Odyssey.
- Updated for compatibility with the June 11 update of Ultima Odyssey.
- Compatible with the June 9 release of Ultima Odyssey.
- Fixed a couple minor issues with the Player Vendor system.