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**0** Summary;

Ultimate Raffle is a constructable item that handles everything to do with raffling a prize based on ticket sales.

This system allows you to host single or continuous raffles for any prize for any given duration.
You may customize the ticket sale price and the currency type that is required to buy tickets.
All successful raffles are fully logged with technical details that enable transparency where necessary.

**1** Commands;

Opens a gump to display all Ultimate Raffle objects in the world

Dumps the entire technical history for all raffles to 'ultimate_raffle.log'

Clears all stored raffle history

**2** Creating a raffle;

To create an Ultimate Raffle, use the command [Add UltimateRaffle and target a tile nearby.
To set-up your raffle, use [Props and target the new Ultimate Raffle object.

**3** Setting up a prize;

1. Place your raffle prize near the Ultimate Raffle if you wish to show it off.
2. Make sure your reward item is Movable=False to prevent it from decaying.
3. Set the RewardItem property to your prize item.
4. Set the RewardDupe property to True if you wish for the prize to be duped when given out.

**4** Mutable Properties;

Enables or disables the current raffle

Automatically restart the raffle after it successfully ends (RewardDupe must be True)

Automatically self-delete the Ultimate Raffle object when the raffle ends

The raffle prize to be given out

If True, the RewardItem will remain in place and will be duped when handed out

The price per ticket

The minimum amount of tickets that must be sold for the raffle to draw a winner

The type of currency item to be used when charging for tickets

The name of the currency to display when referencing ticket prices

The date at which to start the raffle

The length of time that the raffle will run before concluding

**5** Immutable Properties;

Gets a reference to the last player to win the raffle

Gets the total number of tickets the last winner purchased

Gets the total number of tickets sold for the current raffle session

Gets the total number of tickets sold for the life-time of the Ultimate Raffle object

Gets the total amount of currency taken for the current raffle session

Gets the total amount of currency taken for the life-time of the Ultimate Raffle object
(this value is reset if CurrencyType changes)

Gets the date and time at which the current raffle session will conclude

Gets the amount of time remaining until the current raffle session concludes

Gets a value indicating whether the current RewardItem is valid for a prize
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