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UO Compendium 1.0

Build informational gumps in game and display them, or mock up gumps for development.

  1. Praxiiz
    Vorspire's VitaNex Core
    This is an in game WYSIWYG gump editor similar to a WIKI. Create pages such as shard rules, monster lore, weapon and artifact lore and display them to players.

    The primary goal of this system is to communicate information to your playerbase. It is expandable so that new widgets can be added to provide custom actions if needed, but they are not provided.

    Common uses may include, but are not limited to:
    • Tutorial Gumps
    • Item Encyclopedia
    • Monster Compendium
    • Instructional Gumps
    • Shard Rules Gumps
    • Shard FAQ Gumps
    • ServUO
    • Vorspire's VitaNex Core
    1. Copy the compendium folder into your scripts folder tree
    2. That's it. It's just drag and drop.
    • [editpage pagename
    • [viewpage pagename
    Both commands are only accessible to staff. To display a gump to a player, you will need to add the gump call to a command, NPC, or item.

    Code (C#):
    2.   if (Compendium.g_CompendiumRenderers.ContainsKey("pagename"))
    3.   {
    4.     CompendiumPageGump gump = new CompendiumPageGump(caller, Compendium.g_CompendiumRenderers["pagename"]);
    5.     gump.Send();
    6.   }
    Watch it in action:

    Properties / Tool Gump:

    Z Order Gump:

    Preview Gump:

    Gump Editing In Action:

    Mocking up a gump for a XML based addon generator:
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Recent Updates

  1. Compatibility Update

Recent Reviews

  1. cmileto
    Version: 1.0
    ty this looks prefect
  2. Vorspire
    Version: 0.90
    Can't believe I only just saw this, Tresdni linked me; VERY impressive stuff! It must have taken a while to get that all put together so perfectly, you nailed it.
  3. Dian
    Version: 0.90
    This has to be THE best system created yet to go with Vita-Nex core! Very cool!