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Praxiiz submitted a new resource:

UO Compendium - Build informational gumps in game and display them. Uses a gump studio like interface.

This is an in game gump editor similar to a WIKI. Create pages such as shard rules, monster lore, weapon and artifact lore and display them to players.

The primary goal of this system is to communicate information to your playerbase. It is expandable so that new widgets can be added to provide custom actions if needed, but they are not provided.

Common uses may include, but are not limited to:
  • Tutorial Gumps
  • Item Encyclopedia
  • Monster Compendium
  • Instructional Gumps...

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Thanks, I hope you like it. It has a nice plugin system for additional widgets if you're ever inclined to write one.


Great something else to stress test...

Kidding. This looks awesome...

PS - I just promoted this thread to the main page, because I realized I can...and it looks amazing.
yep I think they vita nex core should come with servuo its a great thing to have :) so should this would make servuo even better emu to get :)


I'm mocking up some gumps for an XML Based Addon Generator I'm building. I prefer this method over Gump Studio (GS) even though it doesn't generate any code. GS still doesn't seem to get the labels right in gumps. GS also allows you to hue things that you can't hue, such as tiled images.

By using this editor, I know that when I convert the gump items over to code by hand, they will be exact. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to add support for code generation to this system.

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okay am just dumb but I want to start making some ingame gump or wiki pages from you system I got it installed and everything but how do I use it ingame ?
oh okay cool I got the perfect Gump to edit lol dam gmtool bar doesn't work in uo 2d enhanced because its not right lol

thank you


I showed this to Vorspire, we both agree that this is really impressive work Praxiiz. Especially considering Vorspire has never relased docs on super gumps. It's nice to see some folks at this level of coding in the community :)