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UO Custom Artwork 2.2 / Teaser video 2.8v

custom art, chair, doors , fireplace, wardrobe, closet , table, portal

  1. kartman
    You will need have mule editing tools to insert the files in game: http://ultima.manawydan.cz/download.php , http://uofiddler.polserver.com

    Intro :

    Hello UO community , Long time has past ! Back in 2006 year I made custom Ultima Online art work. As well maybe some day I will find other works related to Ultima Online ,

    but for now I would love to share to Ultima Online community as an free upgrade. Be aware that it can become paid upgrade. Some of works I published in my personal website

    Featured: UltimaCodex , Ultima Strike , Official Shard Arirang , Dino's Ultima

    preview: "LandFall 2.8.0v Public Pre-Alpha"


    "Halloween" pack:

    Fieldset More then welcome to do donation - Link

    Text box:
    Public Pre-Alpha.

    best wishes ,
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sinan
    Version: 2.2 / Teaser video 2.8v
    Excellent job!