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This tool is basically a mix of Inside UO and UO Super Viewer for the Enhanced Client.

Features List:
  • Create a character animation or paperdoll and export it as single frame or spritesheet (like the old UO Super Viewer). Each item (and mount) can have an hue applied to it.
  • View creatures and equipment animations (and paperdoll representation) with the ability to export as VD or single frame image or spritesheet. Each creature and item can have an hue applied to it.
  • View VD files and export them as spritesheet. You can also apply an hue to the VD animation.
  • View multi, and each multi provides the list of the unique components and a slide bar to view just a part of it (for example on houses you could just pick 1 floor). You can export the multi as image and apply an hue to it.
    NOTE: for boats it will only dye the dyeable parts (like it does in game).
  • View items and export them. You can apply an hue to the items too.
  • Listen to the game sounds and music and export them.
  • View the game cliloc in all the available languages (and some incomplete ones).
The program is capable of finding new animations and multi, by using the Update XML button, you'll just have to set a name for the new entries manually in the XML files.
New items are automatically detected and don't require any XML tinkering.
Audio files are automatically detected, but the game CSV is not really accurate (it has lots of typos that prevents the game from using several audio files), but still if a new sound is added to the game you will be able to see it, if not by his real file name at least by a mysterious "unknown" :D

NOTE: Use "Update XML" (for animations) to make sure the XML is aligned with your current client version contents.
Also remember that if you use the old KR files, you won't be able to see multis or audio (the files are too different from EC, and it's pointless to support them since EC has more updated contents for those).

The Kingdom Reborn client supported is the that can be downloaded from here: http://www.guain.it/UO_Old_KR.zip

For questions or bug reports, you can find me at my UI discord channel: Join the Pinco's Projects Discord Server!

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