UO OpenAI Server

UO OpenAI Server

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ServUO 57
UO OpenAI - Server

All new revamped version of the old UO OpenAI (Legacy) -> Now for Educational Purpose Only!
This new server allows your vendors to start talking with the power of OpenAI!
Decoupled to ensure ServUO experiences zero lag do to delayed API responses!
Refined and in continuous development as OpenAI is being developed!
A UI and Vector BD are planned to make this system complete!
Stay Tuned ~ Give Feedback!

Follow the README to get AI in your ServUO!

The AI is set to be an assistant to Staff which allows your staff to get help
as if they were talking to ChatGPT : Full access to information currently trained on!

For players the AI will respond in the role of the Vendor they are talking through,
overtime I'll refine this and open up editing the prompt once
I get the UI finished for managing the server!

AI Powered - Role Playing Vendors - For Players
GPT AI - For Staff - Via Vendors
Multi Language Support!
Auto Load Last Key & Model!

More to Come!
nning on a UI for the Server w/Options)

*Requires that you have an account with OpenAI to gain access to your API Key!
*Free Accounts only have access to GPT 3.5 : Don't select GPT 4 unless your a premium member!

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  1. Minor Update

    *Added Multi Language Support *Server will now remember last Model for auto loading - Prepped...