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UO Studio

UO Studio is a robust toolkit designed for Shard Owners to enhance their servers
with cinematic experiences. This innovative system allows the creation, management,
and deployment of films within the game, enabling Shard Owners to craft engaging
visual stories and interactive scenarios that enhance gameplay.

The system equips Shard Owners with the ability to produce and integrate films that can act
as dynamic cut scenes, guide players through game events, or reveal hidden
content. With features tailored for recording, editing, and playback, Shard Owners can
create high-quality content that enhances the narrative and visual appeal of their shards.


Dynamic Storytelling

Films can be used to add depth to the game’s storyline, providing background narratives
or dramatic sequences at key points in the game.

Interactive Guides and Tutorials
Use films to guide new players, showing rather than telling how to navigate complex quests
or use game mechanics.

Environmental Interaction
Films can be triggered by player actions or proximity, such as showing the way to hidden locations
or unlocking secrets, making the game environment more interactive and immersive.

How to Use UO Studio

Step 1: [Add VideoRecorder

Double click to begin.

Step 2: Set Stage Bounding Box

Any items that cannot be moved within the stage are considered Stage Props+

Step 3: Complete Stage Setup

Once the stage setup is complete, start recording.
Move around, talk, use emotes, add props, add sfx's
and even change your name, body and hue during recording.
Also add Effects like Lightning or A gate appearing, which you can
follow up by adding a gate prop a frame or two after to
recreate a gate opening and a toon coming through!
Possibilities are endless when mixing the props!

Step 4: Stop Recording

When finished, stop the recording.

Step 5: Playback Your Film

Double click to play the film.
Place it on the ground and activate the player on movement trigger.

Additional Features:

Link multiple films to create complex scenes.
Set delays to prevent abuse.
+Stage Props if enabled will be hidden until film plays!
[Add StudioProp <ItemID> <Hue> : While filming to add props to scenes

[ExportFilm & [ImportFilm

Share your films

**Place film files in Data/UOS_DATA/IMPORT Folder
: to import them via command**

Preview of System in Action - Not all features shown in video!
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Studio Props in Action!

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The UO Studio System provides a unique opportunity for Shard Owners to redefine
player engagement and storytelling within Ultima Online. By integrating cinematic content
directly into gameplay, Shard Owners can create memorable, visually engaging experiences
that captivate and guide players, adding a new dimension to game interaction and design.


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