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UODisc - a discord bot Alpha-0.3.1

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UODisc - a Discord Bot based on DSharpPlus

With this tool you can communicate and act between discord and the server.

I developed this with the intention of making it easy to implement a discord bot with features while leaving as much as possible open to the user.

The bot was tested and is developed on windows and latest release of ServUO, older versions and other operating systems currently might not work! (Mono should work but is currently not tested)

For commands and info about their usage please refer to this page: Github: Wiki/Commands
A detailed installation instruction is also available over there: Github: Wiki/Installation
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Latest Updates

  1. Alpha-0.3.1

    Fix: Deserialization of accounts Replaced default literals
  2. Alpha-0.3.0

    Added new commands: CreateAccount SetPassword SelectCharacter Discord chat synchronization...
  3. Alpha 0.2.0

    Added new commands: BanPlayer KickPlayer OnlinePlayers Command parameters change: Strings with...