1. Skyfly

    UODisc - a discord bot Alpha-0.3.1

    UODisc - a Discord Bot based on DSharpPlus With this tool you can communicate and act between discord and the server. I developed this with the intention of making it easy to implement a discord bot with features while leaving as much as possible open to the user, currently the bot does not...
  2. deccer

    Ahoy :)

    Hi guys I am deccer. I have been lurking around this forum for quite some time, now its time to say hi. I'm a fulltime software engineer at day and wannabe game/graphics engine developer at night. Currently I am working on UO Studio. A rewrite of CentrED/CentrED+ in c#. You can find out more...
  3. Vorspire

    Module Discord Bot

    Discord Bot Send messages to your shard's Discord server using Webhooks. With this module, you can easily send any string messages to Discord using your shard's name as the user. Includes the ability to specify a debug Webhook URL for testing the module in debug mode, so you don't interrupt...