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Matterbridge Connector 0.2.0

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ServUO Pub 57.1 or Pub 58
A matterbridge connector for ServUO servers.

This library will allow ServUO server owners to relay chat to and from any of the chat services that Matterbridge supports. (Ex. Discord, Twitch, IRC, Mumble, Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.)

Please bring any issues up here and I will do my best to address them, but I can't guarantee any speed in doing so, nor can I guarantee that I will be able to offer support or entertain new feature requests.

For detailed installation instructions, please refer to the Wiki.
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Latest Updates

  1. Custom formatting for messages

    Updated how the script will handle message formatting to allow shard owners to better control...
  2. Compatibility with RCON for ServUO script

    Simple update to the script to to allow for it to be used alongside the RCON for ServUO script.