1. TheArt

    Easier to read Global Chat 2021-10-12

    based on this global chat, I redid it so it was easier to read.
  2. Yaron89

    Knive Chat Reborn 2018-07-15

    This is a rebuild of the previous Knive Chat I uploaded. I used the latest beta I could find and edited the script to ensure that there was no crashing that happened due to a fault I had found in the script. This will run smoothly with the latest version of RunUO with no crashing whatsoever...
  3. Voxpire

    Module Discord Bot

    Discord Bot Send messages to your shard's Discord server using Webhooks. With this module, you can easily send any string messages to Discord using your shard's name as the user. Includes the ability to specify a debug Webhook URL for testing the module in debug mode, so you don't interrupt...
  4. Norman Lancaster

    Simple Chat 1.1.0

    Function Set your account-wide chat nickname with [nick . Chat with [chat, [ch, or [c . Counselors and above can mute accounts with [mute . Installation Drop anywhere in your Scripts directory.