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Updated paperdoll.php 2015-02-01

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Vorspire asked me to share this with you guys as he is having a little problem with his computer access certain sites at the moment.

HTML Usage: <img src="path/to/paperdoll.php?id=123" />

Previewing: Visit the link directly in your browser:


Assuming you are the administrator of your shard and you've come this far,
you're looking for the final piece of that MyRunUO puzzle of the outdated Paperdoll Generator.

Assuming you already have MyRunUO configured and the database has been generated by your shard,
then the following steps should be all you need to get this working!

You will need to upload the MUL files associated with the client version you want to support;
For clients at 7.0.9 and above, the required files can be in UOP format - in which case, you will need to
convert them to the MUL format (There is a plugin for UOFiddler that can do this).

*** INSTALL ***

1. Drop all files included in this package to your web host (FTP).
2. Edit config.php and make sure your database settings are correct.
3. Test
4. ???
5. Profit!

This still requires a little work to work with the latest mul files (Converted from UOP) and vorspire is hoping we can turn this into a community project!
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