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  1. Milva
    Updated this quest which I have had for quite some time
    This package also contains the boat shown in the SS -you can place your quest starter npc on the boat or on a dock with the boat behind on the water.
    The other SS shows the Quest NPC's-
    Be sure to check the mobs to suit your server
    Viking Raider
    starts this quest
    He will also give a basket in the pack
    Once all 3 items have been collected-just click the basket and the Jacket will appear in the pack
    This will be taken back to him and he will give the award of Viking Wood Axe Sculpture
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Viking Raider sends to the Viking Pirate
    All locations can be changed in the gump for each quester
    Raider sends to the Viking Hunter-Hunter is just outside of the yew town
    Last Quester will be the Weaponsmith
    To change locations
    You will find this information in the mobile gump script
    There are also 2 journals given-change in these also
    Outside of Moonglow there is a large empty building
    Perfect spot for the weaponsmith